Monday, October 30, 2006

Let's Get Started Manifesting...

Did you know you have in your life exactly what you expected? I know what you are all thinking, “I guess I can see why I wanted that but she is way off with that other thing – who would ever want that?” Stay open for a moment and just consider “could be” as you read. What if you could consciously choose what you want in life and make all your dreams come true? What if I told you that you can – really. What you currently have is manifestation based on your expectations and fear. What I am talking about is creating from a place of what you desire, not what you expect or fear. (If you take a moment to consider the “icky” stuff in your life, you begin to see how it was what you expected. It was something you thought about, worried about, or feared. This exercise may be an interesting one, but not where you want to focus. Let’s get excited and spend our time on what you do want.)

I am thinking of beginning a coaching group/teleclass in January 2007 to focus on consciously creating the life we want. So I am going to take the next few months to write about manifesting to see if any of you would be interested in pursuing it.

If you want to place with this, begin by just beginning to dream about the life you would love. Even if what you have is wonderful, what would make it unbelievably perfect? What activities would be in every day? How would you feel? Who would be in your life? How would you spend your free time? What would your house look like? Where in the world would you live?

Then, begin to write it down. To do this work, I find it particularly useful to set aside some time when you can truly be uninterrupted. Add items that may relax you from your "yeah buts..." (By the way, “yeah buts” are nothing more than self-imposed limitations -- stop saying them and stop limiting yourself.) I find it is useful to get out of your usual setting where everything may be a reminder of why your dreams won’t work. Maybe do it at a lovely restaurant where you can have lunch and dream all by yourself. I am amazed at how difficult dreaming about what we really want can be without letting all the "yeah buts" get in the way. The more we can pull ourselves out of the environment that is filled with those tolerations, the easier this step can be.

Then, take several deep breaths. This may sound remarkably simplistic, but they help us release some of the resistance we carry in our body connected to our resistant emotions.

Now, use a notebook or journal (not a computer since the actual writing process is part of the learning) that will be used expressly for your manifestation work. Let it be something that represents where you are going – be sure the journal is something you enjoy seeing. Then begin to write - stream of consciousness - about what you desire in your life. Use a pencil because each time you begin to write something that is a "yeah but" I want you to erase it and get it out of your head. Just go and have fun. Let yourself get excited and feel, even if it is fleeting, that this can happen.

Having fun yet? Tune in next month to begin the process…