Sunday, May 27, 2007

Getting Past Limited Beliefs: Part III

Okay, so when I last left off I left you wondering about what else you could do about getting beyond your limited beliefs about your dream. (Remember those? I call them the “yeah buts”. “I could travel the world, but...” “I could find my perfect mate, but..” “I could have the perfect job, but..” “I could be happy, but..”)

The very best way to overcome the negative thinking is to get yourself so excited about your dream that you are exhilarated by it. You will find that often that excitement will slowly replace the negativity. Your dream is based in love and your limited beliefs are based in fear. Love is hundreds times stronger than fear. Let love fill your being and the fear will often merely disappear.

Here are two exercises to help you strengthen your dream. The first is to spend 10 minutes each morning thinking about your dream. Imagine it is already here. Feel exactly how you will feel when it is here. Fill your body with the excitement and good feeling. Let yourself send that wonderful energy out into the world.

Another way to let excitement overtake the negativity is to create a Vision Map. Find images or words that represent what you want in your life. You can find pictures from magazines, from the internet, or from your own photo library. You can create the words on the computer or cut them out of magazines. Put the most inspiring objects on a piece of cardstock. (My favorite size is the 12” x 12” scrapbooking paper. I am also playing with the idea of using a photo board so I can refresh it often.) Hang your Vision Map someplace very visible. Whenever you see it during the day, pause and recollect your dream. Imagine yourself having all that is there.

The best part about this work is each step you take will bring you one step closer to feeling more joyful. You are erasing the fear in that area of your life. Fear is only holding you back and keeping you from living your life with love and joy. Enjoy the process!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Finding a Better Thought

Another email question for all of you!

“If a thought doesn't necessarily make manifestation unless it's consistent and with the feeling (or intent), then how can you change your thinking to positive when you know you are negative in the moment. (kind of an "I'm in the process of...")

For example: I just got a call from a customer, not very pleasant or understanding. I smiled and was as pleasant as possible (to keep myself uplifted and to hopefully rub off on her) and I think we ended ok. When I got off the phone my first thought was "people can be irritating." Instead I said to myself "I love people" I didn't really feel it, but thought I could start with the words and it would at least keep me from getting down. Is that on the right track?”
It is the right track, but step back a few steps to a thought you do believe. We can’t just “lie” to ourselves and say things that we don’t believe. Our goal is to move ourselves up the vibrational ladder and feel better, even a little, and if we don’t believe what we are saying, we won’t budge. Try it. You just stay feeling exactly the same way. Find a thought that is just a bit better that you do believe. You will move up the ladder a bit and then you can reach for an even better thought and keep going. Perhaps it would go like this:

“Wow, that was tough.” (acknowledging the difficulty)
“I find people who are disagreeable challenging.” (same)
“I didn’t fall into the anger I used to.” (feeling better)
“Hmm...I am doing this better.”
“I bet I can do even better next time.”

See where this is going? Each step needs to be something you agree to, though.

Being of Service to Others

I received some great questions from people! Thank you for your thoughts. I decided to add a couple here for everyone.4

"I realize life is more about being of service to others and making good choices (which I still struggle with)."

Yes, life is more about service to others. Doing this manifesting work has helped me get to the service piece, too. In fact, quite unexpectedly. We waste so much energy with fear, regret, and general negativity around what we are doing that doesn’t fit who we really are. I realized just how much energy I was wasting feeling negative about what I wasn’t or was doing. I didn’t have any energy left over to give. Now I can see how much better I am at parenting, being a friend, wife, daughter, merely because I have the energy to give them. It is wonderful!