Friday, March 23, 2007

Limiting Beliefs

Last month I began to discuss the mental blocks or resistance you may have to creating what you want. Our primary block for creating is limiting beliefs; believing you can’t do it. Limiting beliefs show up as “yeah buts”. I could do it, but… I could have it, but… I could see it, but… You know them. All of us have them in some area of our life. Those who don’t have many (or perhaps any limiting beliefs) are those whose life seems to be charmed. Everything works out with ease for them. Instead of seeing that and feeling envious, now you can think, “hey, they did it. It’s possible which means I can do that too!”

So, how do you move beyond a limiting belief? One way I discussed last month is by decluttering and shared with you an amazing success story with a professional organizer. You may still be stumped on the connection there – limiting beliefs and clutter? It is true. I had many limiting beliefs around the extent of how far my career could take me. The “noise” and limitations showed up as clutter in my office. Let’s just say the clutter kept me from having to look more deeply, it kept me disconnected. When I realized it, though, I was still frozen into inaction and could not seem to clear the clutter. In comes the organizer. In a matter of 2 hours, my entire outlook had changed. Really, it is that powerful.

Look at your house. Is there clutter in certain areas? What are your beliefs in the areas that house represents? Is your kitchen a mess? How do you feel about your talent as a cook? I recently had a client (who is working on manifesting her perfect mate) resolutely claim that she has no resistance to finding a mate. Then she realized her bedroom is a complete, cluttered mess. Her bedroom represents a relationship to her. She “got” how she was limiting herself and it was represented in clutter. Can you tell I have a firm belief around clutter? I hadn’t meant to discuss it for so long here. What I like most about clutter is it is relatively tangible so it tends to be a good place to start.

How else do you move beyond a limiting belief? Ooops, I am all out of time! Guess you’ll have to wait until next time. Until then, notice your clutter. What is it telling you?