Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Manifesting Stories: My Garden

This next story is one of my favorites. It is such an example of how we are taken care of when we just relax and go with the flow of life. I just began gardening this summer. I dreamed of it last year and what I wanted to do. I would often drive by a house with a beautiful garden. This house also had a beautiful garden planted along its walk to the front door. There were coleus plants (plants with beautiful and colorful foliage) with a flowering annual in between them. I have a similar walk at my home and decided that is what I would do this year. I dreamed of this walk all winter.
I plant most of my plants from seed as a wonderful winter project with my children. We planted coleus but they just didn’t grow very fast. By the time planting time came around they weren’t large enough to take outdoors yet. I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to use them, but only briefly. About a week after I realized I would not be able to use them, my mother called and mentioned that she had about a dozen hosta plants from her garden that needed a home and would I like them? I thought they would be a good plant up my walk for this year and I could do the coleus next year so I planted hostas.
Have you figured out the end to the story yet? I drove by the house that I designed my walk after and what do you think was planted in the garden? Hostas! Yep, and hostas are perennials which means that last year what I thought was coleus was actually hostas. So I manifested exactly what I had requested despite myself!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Manifesting Stories: Traffic

I want to share some stories from my own life of what I have manifested. Of course, I have a few “biggies” such as my perfect mate (and this wasn’t easy. My request was for a true partner – someone who did half the housework, half the child-rearing, half the bringing in a paycheck. I wanted a man who “got it” around women and I got it! But that is another story…) I also manifested my perfect house (which, three years later, I keep finding things that are perfect that I hadn’t even considered when I bought it.) I also manifested my perfect work – something most of you already know! But I also find fun is seeing the little things that we can manifest in our life which is what these stories will describe.

My daughter and I were headed to downtown Minneapolis during rush hour one Friday evening for a “knitting date” with some friends. I was tired and not sure I was up to driving through traffic to get there. My daughter (quite pointedly, I might add) said, “Just ask for no traffic, Mom.” (I think she might have added “duh” but if she didn’t, her attitude said it all!) Anyway, as we drove, there was no traffic! I couldn’t believe it. We were on the worst traffic highway in the Twin Cities. We came up to a hill at one point and there was a slow down of cars. I said, “Well, this is it, we have traffic now.” My daughter said, “Nope, just get over the hill.” Wouldn’t you know it? She was right! Although I have seen the benefits of manifesting in the big areas of my life, I hadn’t considered using it for traffic and here was my 6-year old teaching me!