Monday, November 12, 2007

Manifesting Story: Growing Tomatoes

I have a student who gave me 7 of the most beautiful tomato plants you have ever seen. They came from heirloom seeds that she had planted and she had cultivated them with love and attention. After receiving them, I planted three and the other four…well, they languished in my garage! I kept forgetting to get them in the ground. When we finally did, my husband said, “forget it, they are too far gone.” But I was so sad about neglecting them that I couldn’t just give up so iton the ground they went. Almost all of them did fairly well. It took some time, but they seemed to be growing and taking to their new situation. One, though, was so sick. I mentioned to my daughter that I didn’t think it would make it. She said, “Give it another chance.” I looked at her and realized she was right! I began to feel good around it, to enjoy looking at it and feel grateful it was there in my life. Most of all, I began to see it as healthy and vibrant. Yep, that plant was huge! In fact, it was easily three times larger than any of the other plants. It was a cherry tomato plant and at one point during the season, it had at least two hundred tomatoes on it. (Yes, we counted. I homeschool, remember?) Hmmm….manifesting a beautiful harvest. It can be used everywhere!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Manifesting Stories: A Good Book

Okay, this one is a good one because it involves a few miracles. One of my very favorite authors is Dr. Wayne Dyer. His books always inspire me on a very deep level. He recently came out with a new book Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life that was released this summer. I ordered it back in March when it first came out for preorders. I desperately wanted it to read on my vacation which I was taking the last weekend in July but its scheduled release was August. Now I am not sure how publishing works, but I find in most areas, late is usually the norm. I still made the request to the Universe and then promptly forgot about it.

The Sunday before we were to leave, I received the notice from Amazon that my book was on its way. I was amazed! Not only was it published on time, it was released early. But we were leaving on Thursday morning and I find my Amazon deliveries always take a minimum of 5 days and with the notice coming on Sunday, it probably wouldn’t go out until Monday. Again, I was disappointed, but my husband reminded me to manifest it. (Thank goodness for family members!) I checked my Amazon account on Monday and it had yet to be picked up. Ahhh!!!! I was feeling a bit frantic. When I felt that feeling, I knew I needed to relax so I had a couple of fun days and forgot about it. You know how the story ends, don’t you? It came Wednesday morning! I truly saw this one as a miracle.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


I hear a lot about “reality” from my clients who are learning about manifesting. They can see some areas in their life that they can change, and then there are those areas that feel out of the realm of “choice”. The statements I hear all begin with a “but” and then I hear: “I have to pay taxes…I have to pay bills…I have to make dinner for my family…I have to exercise…” It feels like there is no “choice” here, doesn’t it? Like you can’t manifest something different. Remember, manifesting is about learning you are not a victim in your life, you do have choices in everything. Anytime you use the phrase “have to”, it is your signal that you are using victim language and there is a shift that needs to happen.

First of all, the “reality” is you don’t have to pay taxes. You don’t have to pay bills. You don’t have to make dinner. You don’t have to exercise. You choose all of those things. Now, perhaps you choose to do them because the alternative is so disagreeable it doesn’t feel like you have a choice. “I choose to pay taxes because I don’t want to go to jail.” “I choose to pay bills because I don’t want to lose my home.” “I choose to cook dinner because I don’t want my family to be hungry.” “I choose to exercise because I don’t want to be fat.” There is still a choice and even if you use these words, which still feel negative, you are at least making these “disagreeable acts” choices. Just changing the language takes it out of the victim place. I think there is another step that brings it into the unbelievable joy realm; the place we are all craving to attain. Let’s change your perspective and your paradigm.

“Are you kidding me? I pay only a small portion of my salary and I get to support a government that gives me a safe place for my children to live, great schools, paved roads, clean sewers, emergency services, and even more that I am unaware of! That is fabulous!” “I love my utilities! I can actually flip a switch and have lights in my home. I can turn a knob and my oven warms. I have such an abundance of water I can actually pour gallons of it, warmed for me, over my head to get clean every day or just fill a container to sit in for my pure pleasure. I can even warm or cool my home at my whim for my own personal comfort.” “I so easily feed my family. I can’t believe the choices I have when I walk into a grocery store and it is all there for me to use if I so desire! I can even easily find pre-prepared foods so I don’t need to cook or go to a restaurant and experience food from any place in the world!” “I am so grateful to have an amazing body that can move and exercise. I love to help my body feel great and healthy! I also have easy access to any kind of equipment I desire or just enjoy the outside because it is safe for me to exercise there. I just love living in my body!”

So, how does that feel? You always have a choice and one of those choices you can make is to not only be grateful for what you have but also to choose your attitude.