Monday, July 21, 2008

Never Answer a Question From Fear

Have you ever heard that there are only two true emotions: fear and Love and all other emotions are derivatives of those two? The closer we are to feeling pure love or joy, the closer you are to being connected directly to our Soul, Spirit, Intuitive side, Higher Self, whatever you decide to call it. And, of course, the corollary is the closer to fear we feel, the more disconnected we are from our Spirit. I think we all agree that we make better decisions when we are connected to our Intuitive side and when we are feeling good.

There is a line from a book series I have read to my daughter. It is such a great line and its wisdom continues to resonate with me months after reading it. “Never answer a question from fear.” Hmmm...what a great way to live your life! How about taking it further and never answer a question or make any decision from negativity (which, of course, comes from fear).

Judith Lasater has what she calls her “Duck Index”. (And, no, I can’t remember how she came up with that name!) Anyway, the Index has a rating that goes from one to ten in reference to how she is feeling (how connected or disconnected she is from her Spirit.) When she is feeling very connected she is a ten. She doesn’t make any big decisions when she is feeling below a seven. She pulls herself up and then considers the issue. If she is a five or below she puts herself in seclusion until she feels better. As I recall, she doesn’t want to affect people by her negative state when she feels so low. Such a powerful idea! When your consciousness is actually taking away from the consciousness of others, you no longer interact. What a fabulous technique for taking care of yourself and the world at the same time.