Monday, November 20, 2006

How Does Your Dream Feel?

Did you create your dream? If so, how does it feel? I certainly hope that for the most part, the thought of your dream fills you with excitement and joy, an inner knowing that this is what you want to do with your life. Often, though, that excitement is tempered by the self-limiting thinking we have, the “yeah buts” of life. This thinking is merely resistance that we have created ourselves. Although some of these thoughts can fill books (and they have), know that you can create anything you want. Anything is possible.

Can you think about the areas in your life that are perfect or very close? Chances are these areas are ones in which you have already done a lot of work or you have always known those areas would be perfect. If doubts came up, they were temporary. I think about my marriage. I have always had great relationships and never had a doubt that I would find my perfect mate -- and I did! I always knew what I wanted to do and felt quite comfortable using it as an avenue for a very rewarding career. (My parents were initially wary that a career in fitness was a good idea – I never had a doubt.) YOU created that perfection in those areas by your very state of inner-knowingness that it was perfect the way it was. It was easy for you.

We also have areas in which we aren’t so sure and doubts are the way of being in that area. It is in our doubting that we then create a less than perfect situation. We may doubt our ability to make a lot of money. We may doubt our ability to attract the perfect mate. We may doubt our ability to make a career out of doing what we love. It is this doubt that keeps us from creating what we love.

The key to manifesting is to let go of the doubt and fill ourselves with the inner knowing of the possibility. In the process, you will begin to uncover beliefs you have about everything which is the most exciting part of the work. Once you uncover the beliefs, you can let them go. Then you begin to open up to more and feel much more freedom within yourself. You begin to feel, not just see, the possibilities.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Okay, so here is your next assignment. One way to help you overcome the doubt is begin to look for people who already have or do what you yourself think is not possible. Hmmm… if other people have it, it must not be so impossible, eh?