Monday, January 29, 2007

Moving Past Your Blocks: Professional Organizer

Last month I encouraged you to begin to open blocks you have to your dream. Were you surprised by how much resistance you have? I was simply shocked at how many ways I “stopped” my dream with my own doubts and worries. We all have blocks, many, many blocks in many areas of our lives. Our work is to open these blocks, release them so we can open the flow to new things in our lives. There are many ways to open blocks. Coaching is an obvious one for me – coaches help you see a new perspective, to release what you aren’t seeing. There are other ways as well and I am going to use the next few issues to share some with you. I had an amazing experience with a Professional Organizer that I want to share with you.

My office had me stuck. Theoretically I should have enjoyed the space. It is a wonderful, cozy space with beautiful furniture and a closet in which we put shelves to make it better for office storage. But it wasn’t a dream space. The room felt cluttered and crowded and as soon as I walked in I could feel myself tighten up and become stressed. Since my office also is the seat of my work, I was also stuck in my work. It was anything but the wonderful creative space I needed to expand my work. I envisioned this larger dream for my work, but couldn’t get past...something. I couldn’t even put words to what “it” was and I was going crazy. I was blocking myself to such an extent that organization was impossible. The rest of my house is the image of organization (yes, even my “junk drawer” is organized!) but the office was stuck, especially that wonderful closet.

In comes a Professional Organizer. She asked a few simple questions that helped free me up and I felt flooded with ideas. She also noticed things I had never noticed or considered. In about sixty minutes, I had a list of changes to make. I suppose it is something I could have done myself, eventually, but I had tried countless times only to give up. I wasn’t doing it myself. I was blocked for some reason and she helped free me up.

The epilogue of the story is a happy one. A mere four days since our meeting and my creativity has blossomed. I wrote a Module for YLC in a mere twenty minutes (compared to several hours it normally takes), a letter I have been putting off for weeks, created a tag line for my coaching (something I have tried to do for ten years), plus I have three new coaching clients. Does this work? What do you think?

Want her number? Email me and I will pass it on to you.