Monday, June 02, 2008


Judith Lasater, an internationally renowned yoga teacher and author, defines control and impatience as, “resisting what is”. We all have that feeling someplace. We like “what is” somewhere in our lives and as change begins to creep in, as it inevitably does, we resist the changes. But, if we are truly connected to our inner selves, and on the path of growth, we need to trust that that change is what we need, it is something good, something we need to learn. One of my clients had a beautiful insight about the gentle changes that were coming into her life as she relaxed her control. She was beginning to understand how her attempting to control the areas of her life had caused her suffering. She hadn’t been allowing the changes the Universe had in store for her. “It is as if the Universe is subtlely righting itself.” I love that thought! How wonderful to view changes in your life in that light.

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