Monday, September 22, 2008

Manifesting On the Mat in Costa Rica

Join us on a Costa Rican Yoga Retreat and
experience manifesting through your body.

Want to join us in Costa Rica for a fabulous yoga retreat? We will be at Samasati Yoga and Nature Retreat Center January 24-31st. You will enjoy 3 daily yoga sessions with Laura and assisted by Karen (an early morning wake up, a before dinner stretch, and an evening relaxation.)

The greatest challenge of manifesting is taking the first step into the freer, more open space that allows us to flow more freely with the Universe. The afternoon yoga session we will be doing will strengthen our ability to take what might be fearful steps to creating the life we dream of. In the evening we will focus on letting go, allowing the waves of possibility to flow to us.

You will also be able to enjoy eco-tours such as a waterfall trek:
A zipline ride through the canopy of the jungle:
Or spend an afternoon strolling on black or white sand beaches:
Or reading in the hammock on your veranda:
Or sitting in the hot tub overlooking the Caribbean sea:
You will also enjoy 3 gourmet, vegetarian meals daily in their open air restaurant and regular visits from toucans and monkeys!

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